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Make A Wish TV Series Collaboration with The Madstone

The Madstone and MCL Design have teamed up with the production company, 'WAGA Creative', to create custom jewelry and supply selected jewelry for the stars of the famous Make A Wish Asian TV series, including fan favorites Fluke Natouch and Judo Tantachj.

Watch each episode as the main stars of the show wear both The Madstone and MCL Design jewelry on screen! The stars have also been photographed on the red carpet and in magazines, such as Cheese Looker, wearing our jewelry! We are very excited for this collaboration and hope you'll watch out for our pieces!

Pictured above and below is the Love Message Ring, written into the storyline of the show. The ring spins, to show different moods and reflect different emotions, when you gift the ring.

There is also a Love Message Pendant, on a cord or beaded chain, worn in the show by Judo's character, and pictured below...

You can browse and buy all Make A Wish jewelry here from both The Madstone and MCL Design here:

Enjoy the show!


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